The way to fairytale

Ołeksandr Ołeś

The main subject of the performance based on the play The Way to the Fairytale (1908) by Alexander Oles is a complex relationship between the leader and subordinates. Each of them needs the other side to survive. That system seems to be irreplaceable. What are the consequences of these complementary oppositions? Who is more powerful at the end? The price of achieving a high goal are asceticism and sacrifice of the hero, who has chosen a foreman role for himself. 

Kharkiv National Kotlyarevsky University of Arts / Odessa Children Theatre School UKRAINE director: Hanna Horbunova author: Oleksandr Oles   cast Demid Briukhanov Vova Dovzhiy Andrii Podliesnyi Oleksandr Plekhun Davyd Shyfershtein Sonia Kalinichenko Myroslava Tkach Tetiana Shyniakova Anastasia Gluschak lightning designer: Pavlo Kravtsiv, Viktoria Berezenko   premiere: 16. 12. 2018 duration: 60 min.