What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Peter Hedges

A theatrical adaptation of Peter Hedges’s cult classic novel is a story about residents of a small, provincial American town interlaced with new arrangements of well-known hits performed live. It is a tale about coming of age and longing, about what is eating us and how not to let it eat us from within. The performance emphasises normality standards characterizing each society.  Those who do not adhere to the assimilable scheme may be hard to accept.

(Polski) fot. Natalia Kabanow
National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków POLAND director: Marcin Czarnik text adaptation: Paweł Sablik (pedagogical care: Marcin Czarnik) stage design, choreography, costumes, lighting design: Milena Czarnik dramaturgy: Paweł Sablik Patrycja Kowańska (pedagogical care: Marcin Czarnik) music: Dawid Sulej Rudnicki video, photos: Natan Berkowicz vocal coach: Justyna Motylska band: Grzegorz Bąk Piotr Domagała Michał Peiker Dawid Sulej Rudnicki  cast: Marianna Linde Iga Rudnicka Małgorzata Walenda Przemysław Kowalski Dariusz Pieróg Jakub Sielski premiere: 13.12.2018  duration: 110 min.